Friday, September 17, 2010

Sketchbooks in Schools

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We are using sketchbooks again this year with the Pre-K and Kindergarten students. The Threes will use one in January.
The sketchbooks will be used each time the children visit and will be sent home near the holiday break.
I am strongly encouraging the artists to work on one page  at a time. I want them to see that as they put more time into their work, they will be more proud and surprised at what they can accomplish. I am avoiding the "one mark on every page and getting praise for minimal work" theory of teaching.

The sketchbook will be a place to try something new without fear of "doing it right". As they work throughout the year, they will see that practice makes things better. I am looking forward to see what changes will happen during this new year.

Over all the week was great. Most of the children have been to the studio so it was a comfort to be in a familiar room with a familiar face. They had many transitions this week and enjoyed watercolor, pastels and paper. The light table has new objects on it and we will have  clay , wood and sandpaper for a new area for those transitioning out of our focused meeting. Keep checking back for updates on this blog.

 I will be sending home a list of bits and bobs for an upcoming project.

Miss Julie

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