Friday, October 30, 2009

Painting with tempera paints .

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This was the first time these children were working with
the tape as a design medium.

Working with pencil,oil pastel and chalk.
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Halloween had us working with "dry" tools.
The tape was used for line and connecting . The children
had to take turns with the dispenser, learn the best way
to cut the tape, place it and create! They did a wonderful job.
One person made a mask for his brother.

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Watching  young artists paint and create is so satisfying.
 Watching them choose colors,making decisions
about placement of objects, painting strokes
 and decidingwhen to stop.They are learning that
 they can come back and work on
their pieces at a later date.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Smiling while rolling out those bubbles. One sweet comment
about the printmaking was that the artist was making honey.
This is because the circles so close together look like honeycombs.

Painting with watercolor.

Pre-K drawing from still life.

This student was pulling and rolling many pieces of clay.
He worked very diligently on this. At the end I asked him
about all that hard work. He said that it was carpool.

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Some of our tools that we used to pull prints from a fig leave.
I asked"What kind of leaf do you think this is?""Big"
was the reply.

Working together to push the ink onto the paper.

Finally finding the watercolor area.

Rolling the brayer in the "ink".
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Drawing from life is helpful in learning to look for small
details. The artists all sat quietly and observed an eggplant
plant . They saw holes and veins in the leaves, an ant or two,
the eggplant itself,and the rocks in the vase. They drew with
black fine tipped markers on paper. They really loved the boards
that their paper was attached to.

A couple of kindergartners saved a small sculpture.
This will take a while to dry and then it will have to wait
to be fired in a kiln.

This young printmaker is finally done with his brayer
and using his hands to pop the bubbles that he had
run paint over earlier

The children learned to make a fist and use their knuckles
to help make their prints.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Little hands are strengthened while
pulling and pushing "real" clay.

Working on the "blue" board. All things will be blue.

Interesting shoe choice.

Dreaming about the next color.
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A tentative clay squeezer. She did do
it and loved it.

Poking holes that turned into worm homes,
caves and frog homes.

This young sculptor was making sheep.
cows, towers and farms.

Happy to be in art class!
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Hands were very happy to be playing with this clay.
These young ones had so much fun pushing
and poking this clay.

Giving what she has created.

Capturing the attention of students of all
ages. Each one learning something new and
different. They all look forward to more clay work.

Group squish.
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