Friday, January 29, 2010

So much painting happens in our studio. The Twos are
painting their part of the auction painting. They have really
enkoyed coming in and working. They will be ready to jump
right into actio in the fall!
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Watercolor, glue and photo collage: enjoyable
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This is an exercise in creativity. I was trying to
get them to see that any object could represent the
parts of the face. Each class did something different.
We went in a circle,each child choosing one item and placing it
anywhere around the oval being careful not to move the previous
person's choice.They really loved participating and I am hoping that
it can expand their thinking when they feel stifled.
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Pre-K 3 working on a watercolor project with Maria Mogos
(Mark's Mom) The paintings that I've seen so far have been very
inspired and sophisticated, while having the touch of the children's hands on them.

Free form rubbings were a great tactile experience.
The artists were endlessly fascinated to start rubbing a blank sheet of
paper and see a beautiful design appear. The more color they put on, the
more beautiful their paper became.

Drawing with soft pastels.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The artists used acrylics at the easel this week helping to create a piece for the auction
from all of the children from our preschool.
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Exploring different mediums.
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All of the artists have been hard at work painting auction masterpieces.
This has taken  up the majority of their time with me. Afterward there is
always a bit of time where they chose what they wanted to do. Clay,tempera
paint, rubbings or watercolor are favorite areas.

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Life Drawing

Kindergarten,Pre-K and the Threes all have been drawing from life
each week in a sketchbook they have made. Their powers of observation
increase each week as they look at unusual objects placed before them.
These skills build their confidence as they can control the pen in a specific way.
Sometimes they focus on a certain area of the subject matter to increase
their ability to know that they can draw what they see. They have also
been using different materials to draw with. So far the charcoal pencils
are their favorite.
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