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Connecting the Dots

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The Pirate

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Multi Media

For two weeks the children were able to work freely on some
papier mache skulls. First there was paint,then glue,glitter,
and buttons. Then there was yarn and ric-rac. They had a great time
cutting , gluing and painting. This offered them an opportunity
to use there new skills without interruption from adults.
They will stay in the room if you want to stop by to see them.
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Brave New World

For those who were brave, hands were swirling through a gooey substance.
Getting into the moment of lifting it,watching it fall between fingers, starting again.
This is such a wonderful experience for the young set. Learning to explore
without worrying about a mess is so important for sensory growth.
Luckily it was a powdery mix and came off easily.

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Connecting Shapes

As the artists get older they can connect the idea that shapes come
together as objects. The kindergartners explored shapes as well.
Theirs were very different than the younger artists . There work
was more effortless and fluid. They all have their phases of growth.

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Many times I hear the children say"I can't draw". This makes
some feel very inadequate. All drawings are made up of shapes.
We explored shapes on the light table seeing which shapes we
could put together to make a chosen subject. They also explored light
and what happened when the color mosaics overlapped each other.
We drew with marker first, trying to draw shapes without tracing
the actual shaped pieces. If they can draw from life, they are carrying
information and transfering it to paper. This is different than the skill
of tracing. We then painted with one color at a time. This slows the down
and focuses them in on their work. I am hoping that through exploring
shapes in different ways the children will be confident to take chances
on drawing and other mediums that might be presented.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is a Box?

A box can be many things. A peep hole, a house, a car, a cave.
So many possibilities. Red and yellow to orange.Mixing colors gives
the experience of understanding how colors change rather than just hearing
it being said.Standing and painting helps the artists build their core
body muscles and arm muscles.This will really help the artist with
their ability to control the brush or pen in writing or in art

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Pre-K "Dias de los Muertos" sculptures




After having learned about the Mexican holiday "Dias de
los Muertos" the children created beautiful colorful
sculptures. Some only did the head(skull) and some did
a whole body(skeleton). 
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frida Kahlo and Kindergarten

Half of the Kindergarten class was introduced to Frida Kahlo this past week.
 They learned about her physical difficulties that were created by having polio early in her life and
how she transferred that experience into very personal paintings. We looked at the animals, flowers
and her husband Diego Rivera who was also a very important painter and was present in many of her paintings
We looked at age appropriate self- portraits and talked about the difference between a portrait and a self portrait.
We did a quick colorful pastel self portrait as  a practice for an upcoming project.The other half will catch up this week as I had jury duty last week.


Drawing on clear cups with markers.