Friday, September 28, 2012

Life Drawing(Cont.)

Life Drawing

 Drawing from life gives a child a new connection to seeing details
and gaining information that nothing else does. 
We looked at a fern leaf discussing what it was. We talked about
its basic structure which remarkably is many sizes of triangles.
The children said that the center line(stem) helped to hold the plant up.
One artist noticed how the triangular shape got smaller toward the top.
We flipped the leaf over and noticed tiny red circles. Some thought that
it was an insect but found out that it was a spore.
The children were split into tables to observe the fern leaf  further and drew what 
they saw. Each is unique. They drew what was most important to them.
I have been talking about practicing at drawing. Most equate practice
with riding a bike or learning to read. As they try to draw from life
each time it will become easier and easier.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Week # 1 of the Atelier

The Atelier was filled with activity this week. All of the classes
had a visit. The artists worked on our "Mermaid Scarecrow"
that will be in the Atlanta Botanical Garden's show coming up
in October. It would be wonderful if you all could go to 
the garden so that your child could see their work.I will send an 
out with more information about the exhibit. 
The children explore the light table as well as the fiber area
that is developing. We will be experiencing many new things this
year and I am very excited for the artists .
Sincerely, Miss Julie