Friday, March 26, 2010

Painting a group painting at the easel with acrylics.

Designing a "Worm House" in a sketchbook.

Finger painting in the YD classroom.
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Adding special touches on a painting that will hang in the halls of our
school . I've already had people wanting to buy it!

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Beautiful posture while drawing the worm house.

Even Pre-K likes to fingerpaint. Working here after
working on a detailed drawing in their sketchbooks.

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"Double dipping" is okay in the paint jar.

"My worm house has wings. It is flying!"

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The threes paint with vigor. 
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YD painted with red and yellow finding out that it makes yellow.
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"It's flowers"

"It's a worm house"

"Look, I made black!"
So much learning goes on through personal choice. The
class meets at a central table when they enter the room. We exchange ideas and then
get to work. For the last few months the 3s, 4s and K have been drawing
in a sketch book that they each made. We have
drawn from life and memory.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

"This is for my Mom" I hear this quite often.
Even though Mom is not in the classroom, she is
always remembered.
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Young twos worked on a suncatcher. Moving
around the room ,they worked at the newly placed
tabletop easel. This is yet another creative place that
gets them to stand using their creative self and muscles.
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Layers of color tissue paper and water on board were
exciting the younger artists this week. They saw how colors changed
when they overlapped and the water left a stain on the
board if they lifted the paper up. I encourage the
artists to stand up while they work. This increases the strength of
their core as well as bulding the ever important arm muscles
for future writing skills.
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These are more drawings from the Pre-K.

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