Saturday, February 2, 2013

Light and Shadow

 We continue to play with light. Natural light streams into the studio each day hitting the mirrored disco balls hanging in the window. The walls, floors and ceilings sparkle with moving light. The children try to capture the flickering spots of light fascinated that they feel nothing.
The overhead projector stimulates creativity each day by playing with shadows as well as placing different items on the projector itself. Comparing the blown up size of an object versus the actual object stimulates their thought processes. They love to jumo and kick their legs and arms to see their
shadows copying their movements.
My favorite way to play with light is to put finger paint on a light table and watch as the children move
the paint around exposing the light with each swipe. Sadly many children need to be encouraged to even touch the paint far too much. But, once they swirl some paint around they forget their initial objecting to touching a gooey paint. I also add another color just when they think that they want to quit.