Sunday, December 12, 2010

Covered in White

Painting is number one for the young twos. Working as a group is comforting for them.
If they can get a little paint on themselves and be comfortable with it, then they can actually 
learn more since they can focus on creating ,rather than being bothered by a bit of
paint on their hands. 

Touching Glue

Quite frequently the artists are surprised that they must
get a little messy. The Pre-K (40 some)students immersed their
hands in a pan filled with sticky glue and swished a long piece of yarn through it.
Some just saturated their yarn into a smooshey wad. Others had
to be reminded that everything comes off with soap and water.
It is not always easy for them to explore in this manner. But, after
seeing my hands covered with glue, they new that they could
do it ,too. I can't wait for them to see what all of their work will become.

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Working with White

This is an on going project with the three year olds. I placed different items in front of them (that were white)and  asked"What color is this?" "White" was the overwhelming answer. They proceeded to cut first then glue onto their board. They will add on to them a few more times with different mediums.  One more thing that your child knows. After they finish their work they always walk their work to the drying rack on their own.

Sticks and Stones

Over the Thanksgiving break I was wondering on my inlaws property in Connecticut finding many
types of pine cones. I brought a bagful back for the children to use in a nature sculpture. My
question to them was"What might you find on a walk in the woods?" Some new
right away: rabbits, a fox, snakes, trees,birds, the big bad wolf. So, I asked if you would find a large building(skyscraper)."No!" they said. They then created a piece on board with plaster, beans,twigs
and the pine cones from Connecticut. As they worked and were finishing the last thing they were given
was a rock. This seemed to get them to work a little longer. I find that in a our society of t.v.,commercials,
video games the children can rush through their work. In an effort to build up their stamina I withhold
an interesting item that will keep them focused just a bit more. This usually works.
Their works of art were sweet and full of wonder.