Sunday, November 6, 2011

Smudging Paint

I placed a clear plexiglass easel in the middle of the Young Discoveries' room.
The light was streaming in and through the plexiglass. At first the young artists
were walking around it. You could see their curiosity was peaked. I put
out some cups of finger paint on the floor beneath the easel. The brave
picked it up and looked at it. Some time went by and someone put their
finger in the paint. Meanwhile, others were looking in between the easels'
open space. The light was creating shadows on the paper that I had placed on the plexi.
Children were working on both sides of the easel. I took off the paper and the
children could see each other though the smudged paint. They laughed at being able
to see one another while not being able to touch each other. Soon, someone
climbed in between the easel sides and got to see everything.
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