Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What to do with a found object..

Someone had donated one shoe to the atelier and it sat on a windowsill for two years.
Almost everyday a child would ask"Whose shoe is that?" or "Why is that there?"
I always said"So that you would ask a question."
Well, we had some left over acrylic paint and instead of throwing it away, the children
would dab a little line here or there. After a week or two it really took shape.
I encourage you all to let your artists turn a brush onto an unusual object and create
a beautiful work of art.

A Little Light

The last week of school is what I call a "dry"week. We don't paint. There are some
many other things to do when the class doesn't paint! I had saved the over head
projector for the last week of school. The lights were off and only after the children
had asked me all about the thing on the floor did we turn it on. 
Just as the light filled the wall with a warm glow so did the children's faces. 
At first they played with the transparant pieces on the projector itself. Then they
realized that if they stood in the path of the light that they would get color spots on
their clothes and bodies. They were fascinated by the fact that their really wasn't
anything on them but the light. 
Every age group loved playing with the light. 
The little boy in the red shorts saw his little finger making a wiggling shadow on the 
wall which lead him up to the wall watching his shadow move as his
body did. So much discovery in such a simple thing. I really encourage  you all
to have this in your room for the children to explore.