Friday, January 27, 2012

Tree Houses as Home(A Place to Roost)

Kindergarten continued with their ideas of home and interesting
living spaces. We looked at the book"Treehouses of the World"
which really opened their minds up to alternative ways to have a home.
I asked them "How will you get into your home?". Well the ideas were
tremendous. Some had ropes , ladders and others had bridges.  One had
a ladder going up and a waterslide going down. Hoping to get this into a
three dimensional piece of art.

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Open Minds

Our youngest artists have been visiting the atelier the last couple of weeks. They came in with eyes wide open. The light table glowing on the floor attracted their attention first. Each one of them wandered the room touching and being in awe of their new space.
This week there was clay on the table to explore. Rolling, squishing, stacking and pinching
over and over again. It is such a wonderful thing to see these young artist explorers and I can't
wait to see what else they will create.
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Plungers,Fly Swatters and Potato Mashers

I found small plungers during my winter break and dragged them home, knowing that they would be useful for my art classes. The two year olds They guessed a circle. We also had a few other circle shaped printmaking tools and I had to use the fly swatters. What fun they had seeing the shapes being made as they dipped into paint and pushing onto the paper.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Printmaking with the Two's

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The Brayer and Bubble Wrap

Printmaking is a wonderful  experience for all who try it. Bubble wrap
printing is a simple process by which the child can learn about
printmaking. We looked at our tools for the day : brayer,
paint, bubble wrap and paper. The magic in their eyes when
they pull their print. They didn't have to paint all of those circles!
The brayer tool is of course very exciting since it rolls.

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Children have a purpose in mind when they are designing. They work quickly and efficiently.
I love the complex designs that they have made out of simple discarded items. Honing measuring
skills with the tape and cutting while designing is quite a feat.
Ask your child about their creation and you will be surprised to hear all of their ideas.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Dreaming of a Home by our Kindergarten students

 We read a story called

"Animal Homes"by 

Brian Wildsmith.

Here the artists saw 

many types of places 

where various 

animals live. 

We talked about what a 

home is. What does it 

do? Some responses 

   "It keeps us warm."          "It holds a family."We then talked about 

different ways a house 

or dwelling could be 

made. We created                 

dream homes where 

your house could be 

made of anything!

Rocket ships, candy, 
            toys , koala bear trees,            

                 club house , kittens.

                       These drawings will 

                               work into a printmaking


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