Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working in the Studio

I think that my personal favorite activity in the studio is a very open ended project. I love watching the children paint stroke by stroke focusing on each thing that they do.They like it,because they can work fairly freely.We read the story "Action Jackson". It is a well written story about the artist Jackson Pollock. After reading the story the children drew a sketch in their sketchbook. They observed an orchid and its long stem, round blossoms and large oval leaves.
Then came the "action". About three students at a time painted on a canvas on the floor with house paint(as Jackson did), We will be taking it outside to do the splatter portion soon. The amount of intense concentration is always so inspirational to me. They love to paint without too much interruption. Soon, the painting will hang in our halls. I will
be sure to let you know when it is finished.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sketchbooks in Schools

Please check this website out:

We are using sketchbooks again this year with the Pre-K and Kindergarten students. The Threes will use one in January.
The sketchbooks will be used each time the children visit and will be sent home near the holiday break.
I am strongly encouraging the artists to work on one page  at a time. I want them to see that as they put more time into their work, they will be more proud and surprised at what they can accomplish. I am avoiding the "one mark on every page and getting praise for minimal work" theory of teaching.

The sketchbook will be a place to try something new without fear of "doing it right". As they work throughout the year, they will see that practice makes things better. I am looking forward to see what changes will happen during this new year.

Over all the week was great. Most of the children have been to the studio so it was a comfort to be in a familiar room with a familiar face. They had many transitions this week and enjoyed watercolor, pastels and paper. The light table has new objects on it and we will have  clay , wood and sandpaper for a new area for those transitioning out of our focused meeting. Keep checking back for updates on this blog.

 I will be sending home a list of bits and bobs for an upcoming project.

Miss Julie

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"Getting to Know You"

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Atelier Mascot

This summer a baby falcon(I believe it is a Peragrine) flew and sat on the
fountain outside our atelier window. The children and adults were fascinated
to watch it fearlessly watching us watch it. He \ she would splash around in the
water for about twenty minutes and fly away.  The falcon
showed no fear of the people watching it.We  think that the bird has adopted
our fountain as its own. It comes back frequently sitting proudly on the fountain..
Many adults stop for a long look at such a mighty creature. We are
hoping to see our friend soon.
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