Friday, April 30, 2010

Flower drawings from a Threes class.
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This young artist was drawing and talked all about
his picture. This is what he said:
"These are the roots. There are worms.One is folded
and one is straight. This is the stem and the flower. These are
clouds and rain drops. Here is the sun. Here is a heart.It
is for the flower to always have love"
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The Threes worked on designing wooden insects.
They will continue on with this next week.
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The Young Twos painted with red clover blossoms. They
enjoyed it. We start with one color and add as it is needed.
You could try this at home with many types of flowers. I used
watercolor as it looks so light and airy.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One thing that might seem insignificant to an adult but
fascinating to the artists is washing their hands with a bar of soap.
I had some handmade soap for most of the year that had a lavender scent to it.
The children would wash their painted hands swirling the soap
around. They would always ask about the smell.
At first they would look for the pump bottle m but now always
look for the bar. This is yet another tiny way that they can feel and
small motor muscles are built .

Proud painters.
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Shining happy faces in the art studio!

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The Kindergarten boys had fun learning to hammer
nails into wood. They continued sanding and rearranging
their wood pieces. They always end the day with sketching in their
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Mixing Pink

The Twos were delighted while painting with white
paint I added a pinch of red. They stirred their paint
up and experienced making pink. "Pink" was shouted
all around.
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The Threes all painted with film canisters and corks. I encouraged them
to make as many circles as they could. Another project that they are learning
about is weaving. Thanks to Laura O'Neill sending in strips of fabric, the
children  started weaving over and under. This was done with me helping
them. They love working with their hands. They are welcome to send in
some fabric strips of their own to share with the class. 

The Red Balloon

Friday, April 16, 2010

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Miss Amy's class continued on with the "Tuffy"
project. They have papier mached a bust of
a greyhound dog. They will be painting it next week.

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One Young Twos class painted with three colors plus white
learning how colors mix and change.

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