Friday, February 26, 2010

Quiet moments.
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The Older Twos are focusing on shapes and color.
Half of the class did cool colors and half did warm colors.
They painted on circles and then explored painting and tubes
at the light table.
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The Young Twos were ready to paint. They continue to explore
or room. It is nice to have the focus on art. They all participate
with great concentration.
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The Kindergarten boys are working on a project that we are saving for the end of the year gallery exhibition

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The older Twos have been enjoying a book called"Color Zoo"
by the author Lois Elhert.
It is full of shapes  and colors in a very creative way.
This is leading up to a special project that will be in our
end of the year art show.
Pre-K enjoyed drawing from life as well. They also used
a technique of poking holes in paper and then placing it
on the light table. Some drew a realistic design, others
drew many holes as their design.
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Further drawings of the flowers. Shouts of "Look at mine!""I added a bee!"
"The bee makes honey from that yellow stuff." Miss Amy brought in
huge insects that they also added. So many wonderful drawings.

Our morning meeting ends up at our large table. After the task at hand is
finished, the artists choose other mediums to work in. They are always
welcome to  choose freely .
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The young 2s drew small masterpieces with soft pastels. I love when
they do interesting things with the supplies. I thought that this looked like
a "colorpillar".
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Each week the artists from 3 through K have been drawing from life.
Before they draw, we observe the subject talking about basic lines, look for
details about the object being drawn. This week we drew camellias from
our courtyard. We looked up close seeing the stamen, petals , the over all
shape, the stem. We talked about the stem being more of a straight line
and the bloom was more of a circle. From here their drawings began. They were
encouraged to keep looking back at the flowers to capture more details they might
have missed. Each child works at their own pace and their own style.
Some sit for almost the whole studio time, others a little less time. There
is always room to move about and create something else.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our youngest artists are experiencing the wonder of
mixing colors. They work enthusiastically and focus.
I am very proud of their growth.
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