Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

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Big Color,Small Color

Painting a large mural with warm colors on one end and
cool colors on the other. The artists loved the freedom of painting

On the opposite end of the spectrum was experimenting
with color. This tray started out as two pools of yellow
and two pools of blue. The rest were just water. The
artist learned to use a dropper and saw how many
colors of green they could make.
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Kindergarten Begins...

..self portraits.
The Kindergarteners were learning about the difference between a
portrait and a self-portrait. The artists we looked at to show samples
of strong self-portraits were Frieda Kahlo and
Vincent Van Gogh. They both painted many
self-portraits that were very distinctive. They also painted portraits of
friends and family who lived around them.
The artist looked at themselves in the mirror trying to
see characteristics of their faces. We talked about the neck and
part of their t-shirts or blouses to be included in the painting.
They sketched in charcoal pencil(they love to smudge the lines)
in their sketchbooks. We will continue this project for a few
weeks as paintings.

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