Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sticks and Stones

Over the Thanksgiving break I was wondering on my inlaws property in Connecticut finding many
types of pine cones. I brought a bagful back for the children to use in a nature sculpture. My
question to them was"What might you find on a walk in the woods?" Some new
right away: rabbits, a fox, snakes, trees,birds, the big bad wolf. So, I asked if you would find a large building(skyscraper)."No!" they said. They then created a piece on board with plaster, beans,twigs
and the pine cones from Connecticut. As they worked and were finishing the last thing they were given
was a rock. This seemed to get them to work a little longer. I find that in a our society of t.v.,commercials,
video games the children can rush through their work. In an effort to build up their stamina I withhold
an interesting item that will keep them focused just a bit more. This usually works.
Their works of art were sweet and full of wonder.

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