Monday, October 11, 2010

Red and Green

The children are learning the ways of the studio. We
squeeze a lot of creativity into their relatively short
time that they visit. This week we looked at a basket of
vegetables guessing what they were. This is a nice thing
for you to do at the grocery store or local open air markets.
We proceeded to use potatoes, tiny green tomatoes, peppers,
onions, and okra into prints. We began with red paint learning to
move our arms in an up and down motion(instead of side to side)
to create our marks. Some tried to guess which veggie made their
print. Then we added a little green paint to see what would happen.
They were all amazed to see that they made varying shades of grey,
brown and dark green. It then turned into a color exploration.
Some of them talked me into using yellow. which added another color.
It was a fun and successful project.
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