Friday, May 21, 2010


Light played an important role in the studio this year. Whether it was
the light coming from the light table or the light coming through the
windows, the children were drawn towards it. They always chose the
table nearest the window so much that I will rearrange the room
next year in order to get the most light for them to work with.
The light table offered a way for them to experiment with transparent
as well as translucent color. They also saw silhouettes with natural
shapes. We had a sheer curtain over the table these last few weeks.This added an
 extra dimension for them.It was softly lit fort.
when we drew from life, there was a spotlight on the objects. I remember
the first time we drew from life the spotlight was on a vegetable plant and
an artist came in wide with wonder saying"This is how real artists draw"

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