Saturday, January 16, 2010

Each week brings so much creativity to our school. In the studio I
give art supplies in a way that the children can be independent
thinkers as well as building up the amount of time that they spend on their work.
The Three's through Pre-K made a sketchbook last week. Their first response
is "Can I take it home and show my Mom and Dad?" It is also their habit
to whip through the book putting one mark on each page and say"I 'm done!"
Their challenge is to work on one page per day and see how much they can
put into their drawing . This week they observed a wooden figure and drew from
life(instead of their imagination) . At first many hesitated saying that they
couldn't do it. We talked about the shapes, breaking it down so that they could
do it. What wonderful drawings they did. Their confidence is building every week.
All of this hard work will pay off in deeper more meaningful observations, which will
carry over into their other life work. They also have a blast doing it!
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