Saturday, December 12, 2009

To Smock or Not to Smock,That is the Question

I know that we don't all want paint or glue on our children's clothing. But, the truth is that although we use
smocks or paint shirts this is not a 100% full proof  method of mess prevention.
I've had days where I was trying to be cautious with your child's clothing by using smocks. Well, one day an artist
proceeded to say"I want this off" and pulls her smock off while having paint on her hands, getting paint on her clothing  Since I was helping wash up someone else, I could only watch this with a faint grin on my face. Not that they got paint on their clothing, but no matter what I do, paint happens.
Also, being that they work in a studio, there could be drops of paint lingering from a previous class that we have no way of seeing and their clothing could get into those hidden blobs of paint.
So, in the new year, I would suggest having a set of clothing that your child can wear to school on his/her art day that is worry free. They have such a short time with me, that when we put smocks on and off this takes up about 10 minutes of a twenty to twenty five minute session. That is a waste of everyone's time. Save those gorgeous clothes for the other days. Your child will get so much more out of their art class if I am not wincing every time they either get paint on them or close to it. You can also change them after school if you have somewhere special to go.
I do use washable paint. If we use acrylic(rarely) they use shirts or smocks. But, I see sleeve edges get color on them even with a smock.
I suppose a good analogy would be that when you go to the gym to work out, you wear gym clothes,clean up and change into clean clothes. This is the same for your young art student, or for that matter preschool student.
Please keep this in mind in the new year and I think that we will all be happier.
Miss Julie
P.S. Your child's teacher can let you know when the studio day is.