Friday, November 13, 2009

Each child walks into the studio with in immense amount
of enthusiasm. Although the media is used
by different age groups, each brings their own
level to it. All of the clay workers have had previous experience with clay.
They know that the clay they are using comes from the earth, that
it is similar to other dough that they have used but it is more organic;
it is not mixed together in the kitchen. They like the texture and temperature.
It is usually very cool. It is also very strong. They can pound it to change its
shape as well as pinch and pull it apart to build it up high.
We talked about what can e done with clay. One could make something useful such
as a bowl, cup or plate. A vessel. Alternately, they could make a more sculptural
piece. Something to look at not use. They learned how to make a pinch pot.
How far they took it was up to them . They encouraged  to put
effort into their work no matter what they choose . Pinch harder and it makes the walls thinner
wider and higher. They are learning to use themselves as a guide, which can
 be transferred in many areas of life. They are also being very patient as their
clay piece will not be done until December. It has to dry for at least two weeks
and then be fired in the kiln. They also have learned that some pieces burst due
to air bubbles. But, there is always more clay. Then there is paint.
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